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Photographic Wall Prints of Famous London Street Signs

Together with red buses and telephone boxes, famous London street signs are an iconic feature of the British capital. Every year, millions of tourists from around the world visit the famous sites of London including Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus and Covent Garden.

It’s these street signs that show visitors where they are and provide memories later on of where they have been. Photographic wall prints of London signs can, therefore, make an excellent decorative addition to your interior.

Photos of London street signs in interior design

Numerous décor styles can incorporate signage photography. Whether an eclectic living room, a minimalist office space, a sophisticated restaurant or a passionate anglophile’s bedroom, a London street sign print can inspire memories, ignite conversation, and contribute to a beautiful design scheme.

With so many famous places in London, each with enamel plate or cast iron signage, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to photographic wall prints.

Famous places, famous signs

Let’s take a look at a few examples: 

Covent Garden

Covent Garden, in London’s West End, is a hub of modern culture, entertainment and shopping. It’s popular with people of all backgrounds, tastes and ages, and features theatres, street performances, fashion boutiques, restaurants, bars, craft stalls, and a whole lot more. You haven’t been to London if you miss Covent Garden.

Savile Row

Mention Savile Row and most people will immediately picture high-quality bespoke tailoring. And that reputation is accurate. Savile Row is where people go to get fitted in the finest suits and evening wear. Nearby are numerous high-end stores, theatres, and hotels.

Trafalgar Square

Easily the most famous square in all of London. Named after the British naval victory off the coast of southwest Spain, Trafalgar Square is a popular gathering and demonstration point. Nelson’s Column takes centre stage with four giant bronze lions at its base, making the square a scenic location for photos and happy memories.

Abbey Road

Abbey Road in north London is not particularly special in and of itself. Instead, it was made famous by The Beatle’s album of the same name, which featured the Fab Four crossing Abbey Road on the cover. The road is a popular destination for Beatle’s fans worldwide who like to be photographed on the famous zebra crossing near EMI Studios.

Portobello Road

Home to one of the world’s largest antiques markets (if not the largest!) which opens every Saturday and runs nearly half a mile in length. The Portobello Road market draws visitors from far and wide, and is awash with colour, especially on sunny summer days. The market was the setting for the hit film Notting Hill.

Bespoke photo wall prints of ANY London street signs

There are so many famous streets, squares, stations, and meeting points in London, it’s impossible to name them all in one article. From Baker Street, Carnaby Street, and Downing Street to Oxford Street, Regent Street, and Shaftesbury Avenue, and so many more, there’s a street, road, or square of cultural, historical, or personal significance nearly everywhere you look.

That’s why, if you don’t see a famous London street sign of your choice in my collection, I’ll find the place and photograph it for you. We can then convert it into an artistic photographic wall print perfect for your home or business.

Photographic prints of London street signs – Available to buy now

All the photos you see in this post are available to purchase. They can be bought as individual pieces or in bulk, depending on your unique requirements.  Each print is printed on museum archival paper with high-quality inks.

As mentioned, if you don’t see a London street sign photo you desperately want, I’ll do my best to get the shot you need. In the meantime, check out the full range of prints in my online shop.

Get in touch with me today and let’s get you the best artistic photographic prints for your walls.

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