Culture Arises From Human Interaction

Observing human interaction is an infinitely interesting exercise

Every person has their own unique way of  storytelling – photography is mine.  Its comes to me naturally like leaves to trees.  I have always been an avid observer of human behaviour and now, my camera is enabling me share what I observe with you.

When I watch period dramas such as Pride & Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Downton Abbey, The Borgias, Troy, Gladiator, Gangs Of New York, The Other Boleyn Girl etc, I get transported figuratively to a period in the past in which people behaved remarkably different from the way we do now. A time that I will never directly experience again.

When I watch period dramas, my sense perceptions become magnified.  I notice the slightest differences in the people from the different periods: from the way they  are dressed to  the way they speak to each other, their mannerisms, their vocabulary, their priorities and how they live their values etc.

Its people and their interactions with each other that shape a culture. Most of the time, there is  a difference between what people say and what they do. There is a lot to be learned through observation.

Today we can go to galleries, museums and movie theatres to see the cultures of the past. The people of tomorrow will do the same to see how we lived as well. In that spirit, I try to capture beautiful moments in everyday life in cities across the world. I hope that you will join me on this journey.

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