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7 Ways Office Wall Photography Can Improve a Small Office

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Wall art is one of the simplest and most effective ways to enhance any office interior. Office wall photography, in particular, can go a long way in improving the atmosphere and appeal of a small workspace.

Numerous studies in recent years have highlighted the countless benefits of beautifying commercial offices. An attractive work environment not only increases employee and customer wellbeing but also helps with staff retention and strengthens a corporate brand.

A staggering 93.8% of respondents to a 2012 survey by The British Council for Offices believed “art makes the workplace feel more welcoming”.

For small office interiors, the need to make the space feel more welcoming will be even more critical. This is what I want to look at further in this article.

How Wall Photo Prints Can Enhance a Small Office

As a professional photographer and a specialist in creating fine art photographic prints, I’ve seen first-hand the positive transformation good wall art can achieve.

With this in mind, let’s look in more detail at how you can use high-quality office wall photography to enhance a small office interior.

For example, a wall photo print can:

1. Expand the visual space

A photographic scene of a beautiful landscape or eye-catching city view naturally expands the apparent size of a small interior. While the literal dimensions of the room remain the same, the addition of large photo prints tricks the eye and brings a sense of expansion to the small office setting.

It’s similar to how mirrors in the home make a bedroom, bathroom, or living room appear larger than it really is. Shopping stores use this illusion to great effect, both with mirrors and with large photographic prints of models against landscape backgrounds.

An aerial view of a the Eiffel Tower in Paris

2. Lighten the atmosphere

Photo wall prints in a small office also lighten the atmosphere of an interior. The expansive effect automatically adds an airier feel which improves the lightness of the room. When I say lightness, I mean in every sense of the word.

For example, a bright and colourful landscape print will lighten the mental heaviness of a small stuffy interior and also the visual luminosity. Darker walls broken up with lighter tones and brighter focal points draw the eye. The simple addition of a couple of well-chosen photography wall prints can achieve so much.

3. Improve employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is a serious issue for any business. The cost of losing staff can be expensive (more than £30K per lost employee, according to a UK report). Positive work cultures are also more productive, meaning more work, and better work, is achieved. It’s therefore vital to improve employee wellbeing where at all possible.

And this is where improving the office environment can really help. Office wall photography of beautiful, inspiring, and emotionally uplifting scenes help improve employee experiences. The happier an employee, the more likely they are to stay and be more productive, even in a small office.

A green rolling and undulating Tuscan valley covered with farmland, orchards, and trees.

4. Achieve a professional look

Portraying an air of professionalism is essential in the office space. Part of this professionalism is highlighted in the décor of your office interiors and meeting areas. Quality wall photography and art will make a huge difference to the professional appeal of your company’s offices.

With a small office space or meeting room, a print can encapsulate your company values and identity, thereby bringing continuity to your visitor’s experiences with your brand.

5. Build a connection with clients

A small office space or meeting room can make an excellent environment in which to build a stronger connection with visiting clients or customers. Carefully selected office wall photography is an ideal way to reflect your visitors’ values and your company’s ethos.

For example, a company that places great importance on sustainability and the environment can reflect this philosophy with photographic scenes of nature and landscapes. Visitors will see this ethos reflected in the décor, even if the company is focused primarily on other issues.

6. Boost creativity

It’s challenging to be creative and dynamic in a small stuffy office. When we picture creative teams, we usually imagine big open-plan spaces where the imagination can run riot and nature is observed through huge windows.

When you can’t change the office size, you can instead expand the potential for creativity and imagination by adding impactful wall photography. Stunning views of mountainous landscapes, city scenes, lush green parks, galloping horses, and the wild ocean, inevitably fuel new ideas, expand horizons, and so much more.

A beautiful sunny view from Campanile di San Marco of the Venice canals, waterways, and architecture.

7. Hide imperfect wall features

Most interior spaces, unless entirely new or refurbished, have imperfections of some kind on the walls. The smaller the room, the harder it is to hide these imperfect features. This is where photographic wall art comes to the rescue.

An attractive print placed on a wall with a sizeable crack or stained paintwork will quickly and effectively hide the problem. A collection of prints will also hide features such as built-in storage units and safes, thereby aiding security and masking potentially unsightly architectural features.

Crowds of people and windbreaker screens on a sunny sandy Fristal Beach in Cornwall in the height of summer.

Ideas for photographic wall art

These are just seven ways office wall photography can improve the look and feel of a small office.

A significant overall factor, of course, is the subject matter of the photographic print.

Small interiors are naturally darker than larger spaces. It’s therefore good practice to select lighter pieces, and this is where natural landscapes really come into their own. White skies, sunny landscapes, and light blue or grey seascapes will lift an interior tonally and atmospherically.

Colour is also something to consider. Too much colour in a small space might potentially be overwhelming. But little flourishes of colour can add focus and charm.

New Brighton Lighthouse sits upon an expanse of sand at the confluence of the River Mersey and Liverpool Bay.

The size of the print is also a consideration. Big prints in small interiors might look too heavy. A way around that problem is to choose a collection of three or four smaller prints which can be arranged in a pattern, thereby breaking up the surface area.

Wall photography for your small office

Prints include scenes of nature, cityscapes, oceans, animals, flowers, parks, and more. They make ideal uplifting images for any small interior.

I’m also happy to help guide you, one-to-one, through the selection process, based on the benefits and criteria outlined in this article.

Get in touch with me today and let’s get you the best artistic photographic prints for your office walls.

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