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Working from Home: 5 Home Office Wall Photography Gift Ideas

Working from Home: 5 Home Office Wall Photography Gift Ideas

One of the most increasingly essential spaces in the residential environment is the home office. With more and more people working from home, the significance of this designated work area is growing. It’s a room that requires special attention when it comes to décor and a place where wall photos can really make a difference.

If you know someone who works from home and could do with a more visually appealing home office interior, then photography prints make a fantastic gift idea.

The home office is quite different from any other type of room in the home. It crosses a divide between the traditional workplace and the out-of-hours home life we cherish. Many remote workers and freelancers report how difficult it can be to separate work and family life when there’s no commute between the two.

Importance of a nice home office

While the residential office environment is likely to be inevitably homely in many ways, it’s still important to develop a professional look and feel. This professional focus ensures increased productivity and confidence.

Today, with modern technology and video conferencing, many more people see our home office spaces than would have done in the past.

This change in how we work was highlighted dramatically during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic when millions of workers were required to work from home. Skype and Zoom calls became the norm. We all caught a glimpse of peoples’ home offices and their unique personalised décor.

So in this sense, wall photography benefits your loved one in more ways than one. They can personalise their office to suit their personality, their emotional wellbeing, and also showcase their personal brand when it comes time to video call clients and colleagues.

How people personalise their home office

Work-from-home (or work-at-home) professionals personalise their home office spaces in many different ways.

From office furniture and storage solutions to artistic sculptures, technological gadgets, and fabric covers, there are numerous strategies to transform what might be a spare bedroom into a professional-looking home office.

But it’s wall art, including photographic prints, which in my view, offer the greatest potential for personalisation and positive wellbeing. They are easy to install and provide a vast range of diverse themes and subject-matters for all tastes, design schemes, personalities, and professions.

Photography print gift ideas for a loved one

And that’s the problem. There are hundreds of thousands of potential ideas for wall photo gifts. With so many options, it can feel overwhelming when trying to select the right wall prints for your loved one or friend.

With this in mind, I’ve brought together five core themes which can make excellent wall photography subjects, for any tastes and home office décor styles.

Let’s start with:

Special locations

Location-themed photo prints are a lovely gift idea for the remote worker with an emotional connection to a particular place. We all have locations which mean something to us. Whether from our past or because of an interest or family history, certain places inspire our minds and satiate our souls.

For me, it’s Limbe and the surrounding beaches and countryside, where I grew up. For your loved one, it might be the city where you first met or a regular holiday location from childhood.

The beach at Bota, Limbe

A locational wall photo print will be a beautiful reminder of happy times, for when work gets a little bit stressful or monotonous.


Landscapes are ubiquitous in many ways. They are a popular theme for paintings, posters, art prints, and more. And for good reason. Photography prints of picturesque landscapes can be incredibly beautiful, relaxing, and inspiring.

Landscape photography prints make lovely additions to rooms in the home, especially a space which requires mental focus and a calm ambience. Images of nature, as I have covered recently, provide several psychological and physical benefits, including improved wellbeing and a reduction of stress-related bodily ailments.

Again, like with locational themes, a landscape can portray a favourite place or even reflect a region of the world relevant to your family’s history.

Summer scenes

Whether it’s the darkness of a cold December or the drabness of a rainy June weekend, cheerful sunny scenes can provide a significant uplift in mood. As human beings, our emotions are frequently influenced by the weather and the seasons. Many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which can have negative consequences on productivity and clarity of thought.

While a photography wall print of summer scenes will never replace being out in the sunshine, it can provide your loved one or friend with a supportive lift when working in their home office.

Some of my favourite summery scenes include sun-kissed beaches with relaxed people enjoying the warm sea waters.


Another nature-themed idea for home office wall photos is floral subjects. Flowers and plants inject much-needed colour into many interiors, whether in the form of real-life floral arrangements, art canvases, or photography wall prints. The same applies, perhaps more so, in the working environment of a home study or studio.

Beautiful flowers can match any décor scheme and suit any personal tastes when it comes to visual themes. Flowers are inherent to nature, are available in so many colours and styles, and provide a relaxing influence on the ambience of any space. Even someone into industrial-style décor or heavy rock music can benefit from a little floral injection into their home office wall art.

Work themes

Another excellent wall photo gift idea is to match the photographic print with the theme of your loved one’s work. In this way, the style of the room reflects the internal dynamics of the home office, providing a supportive cocoon of intense focus.

For example, an architect might appreciate attractive wall prints of city scenes and renowned building designs. A conservationist will almost certainly love the beautiful imagery of awe-inspiring landscapes, forests, rivers, waterfalls, and seascapes.

Pont Alexandre in Paris

Work-themed photography prints can also highlight favourite locations related to your love one’s work. Perhaps they connect with clients worldwide and work online with people in places such as London, New York, and Paris. The images of foreign cities can highlight the sense of their international reach, which can be fun and satisfying.

Home office photographic wall prints for sale

Whether you’re buying a gift for a family member, a cherished partner, a colleague, or a friend, I can provide you with large variety of artistic photographic prints.

All photos were lovingly shot during my travels or in London where I am based. Each photograph is printed onto museum-quality canvas and will provide a professional look to the most professional room in the home.

If you’re looking for home office wall photo gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

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