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How to Choose a Decorative Focal Point in Your Home

How to Choose a Decorative Focal Point in Your Home

One of the most important elements of any interior design scheme is a focal point. Traditionally, a focal emphasis has been a fireplace or an ornate staircase. But today, with modern architectural trends forsaking some of these features, new types of focal points are required, such as wall art.

What is a focal point in interior design?

A focal point in a home is essentially something that catches the eye as you enter the room. It’s something that serves as the star attraction. It’s the visual element around which everything else is designed, with the broader décor often drawing inspiration from the colours and styles of the object.

The focal point sets the mood and tone of the interior, influencing not only the visual feel of the space but also the emotional ambience. There can, of course, be several focal points in one home, in many different rooms. These can either connected with a single theme or diverse in identities.

Sunset in Tuscany
Sunset in Tuscany, Italy

How does it bring a room together?

As the central component of a space, the focal point in residential interior design serves as a unifier of different and often potentially disparate elements.

For example, traditionally, a fireplace would influence not only the décor scheme but also the arrangement of furniture, the use of space, the type and placement of lighting, the positioning of the TV, and more. In a sense, it dictated how each part of a room arrangement fitted together as a whole.

And the same applies to any focal point you choose today, whether it’s a high-tech wall mounted fireplace or a large beautiful fine art photography print.

Candyfloss Lanterns – Pink Magnolias blossoming in the middle of a snow storm

Examples of focal points in home design

The type of focal point you select depends on the room. There are many options to be had, including the aforementioned traditional features such as fireplaces and staircases.

Other built-in focal points might include enlarged windows with a spectacular view; vaulted ceilings like those found in churches; unique angled walls with in-built shelving or a window seat.

Or you might consider more affordable and faster alternatives to in-built focal points. Accent walls, for example, painted a different colour to the rest of the walls in a room. In a kitchen or bathroom, vibrant backsplash designs can achieve the same effect.

And then, of course, there’s the artwork.

Why fine art photography makes a great focal point

As a professional photographer, I know firsthand how artistic photography can make a powerful impact on any type of interior. Wall canvas prints of photographed scenes can be beautiful focal points in your home.

They are relatively inexpensive, and the canvas prints I produce are long-lasting and of a high quality. Using fine art photography as a focal point allows you to reflect your family’s identity in a way that is a lot more personal than just about any other form of décor.

Things to consider when creating a focal point in the home

Before choosing an artistic focal point, it’s essential to consider how the feature will connect with the broader space. As mentioned previously, the focal point often inspires the rest of the interior design. It ties in the rest of the objects in the room.

Consider whether the art print will create positive emotions. It would be unfortunate to have a scene depicted which regularly brings up unhappy memories.

Make sure the print reflects your identity, as individuals and as a household. You want visitors to connect the focal point with who you are and for it to be a positive catalyst to a great conversation.

Ensure the wall print also combines well with different features in the room. Does it improve the décor scheme or detract? If possible, find ways to connect the piece, subject-wise, with other artistic elements in the space.

Timesquare, New York City

Fine art photography for the home

Are you looking for some beautiful fine art prints to act as decorative focal points?

Click here to visit my online shop which features photographic canvas prints of scenes and objects I have photographed over the years.

You can find a variety of themes and subjects, including shots of nature, animals, city scenes, still life, and sunny beaches. Many will make excellent focal points for any room in your home.

If you need any advice, you’re more than welcome to get in touch.

Autumn in the Dolomites

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