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Photographic Prints of London Scenes for Hotel Interiors

A photograph of tower bridge in London

With approximately 30 million international visitors every year, London is a world capital of culture, food and entertainment. The British capital is a brand in itself, and images of London appear in art, design and even fashion, the world over. Photographic prints of London scenes can also make excellent decorative features in hotel interiors, in the very city itself!

Featuring a subtle London theme throughout a capital-based hotel is an excellent way to strengthen brand identity. The continuity between the guests’ experiences while exploring the city merge seamlessly with the comfort and warmth they feel inside the hotel.

The hotel interior becomes an echo of the city and an inspiration for further exploration.

Benefits of Portraying London Scenes in Art Prints

London is a famous city with beautiful cityscapes and skylines. It’s rich with history and diverse in architecture, styles, cultures, and people. New buildings nestle next to the old, in an assortment of identities, making this city highly photogenic and a perfect theme for photography art prints. 

It’s a unique metropolis, in so many ways.

A photograph of house of parliament in London

Popular London Scenes for Photographic Prints

Some of my favourite London photography scenes include:

Big Ben

The famous bell and the clock tower in which it rings is without question the most famous symbol of parliamentary democracy in the world. The neo-Gothic tower forms part of the Palace of Westminster, housing the British parliament. It’s an iconic building and a perfect subject for artistic prints.

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, photographed from across the river, illuminated as dusk descends.
Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, photographed from across the river, illuminated as dusk descends.

River Thames

An expansive River Thames at dusk with the illuminated buildings of St Paul’s Cathedral, the Shard, and the Walkie Talkie, on the skyline.
An expansive River Thames at dusk with the illuminated buildings of St Paul’s Cathedral, the Shard, and the Walkie Talkie, on the skyline.

The Thames, London’s river, has been immortalised in countless beautiful paintings throughout the centuries. The great river played numerous roles in British history, including as a maritime route for the navy and traders, as well as a source of food. In modern times it’s a focal point for leisure and tourism. Above all, it makes beautiful backdrops for stunning photography.

Tower Bridge

A photo of a lit-up Tower Bridge against a blue dusk sky next to a sculptural dolphin fountain.

More than 20 bridges span the River Thames. Perhaps the most famous is Tower Bridge, built in the late 17th Century. Its combined bascule and suspension bridge design gives it a distinctive look, and it has become an iconic image of London worldwide. With the shimmering Thames below and red buses above, it makes a fantastic photo print subject.

The London Skyline

Few cities in the world have a skyline as immediately identifiable as that of London. This recognition was made even stronger with the addition of the giant London Eye observation wheel in 2000. With the skyscrapers in The City and the older landmarks such as Big Ben, photo prints of London’s skylines bring the past, present, and future of the capital right into your hotel.

Placement suggestions

Photographic wall prints of London scenes will look lovely throughout a hotel’s interior, from the lobby area and hallways right through to the restaurant and individual guest rooms. 

Larger prints can be positioned on walls facing open spaces where guests can view the images from afar when walking to their room or waiting for friends to arrive. These can also work well in a large restaurant interior.

Smaller photo prints are ideal for guest rooms, positioned, for example, on the wall facing the foot of the bed. The hallways offer nice positioning possibilities as well, where a whole series of London scenes can offer international guests an appealing introduction to what they will see during their stay.

Photos of London will also look great in hotel gyms, conference rooms, and even in staff-only areas.

Photography Wall Prints of London for Your Hotel

I live in London and capture the essence of the city daily. My shop contains many photography art prints of London scenes for hotels which can be adapted to suit your requirements.

Also, if you would like a customised photoshoot, I can help you there as well. We can work together to find the London scenes you’d like for your hotel interior. I’ll photograph them and turn them into high-quality wall prints.

Click here to get in touch with me today. Let’s find the perfect photography prints for your hotel design project.

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